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about urban greenosophy


Thumbs up if you love these…

Skiing under The Alps surrounded by spectacular scenic; diving in Great Barrier Reef seeing the colorful coral reefs; walking in forest for refreshing air; sitting at the top of mountain enjoying herbal tea…

If yes, that means you are nature enthusiasts. So do us! We know what are best from nature and how we should consume natural resources in a sustainable way. Urban Greenosophy sources organic and sustainable products worldwide and deliver them to your home. We create sophisticated as well as inspiring online boutique for green lifestyle.

You can rely on us for the quality skin care, body care, beauty make-up, body wear, health supplements, household cleaning and mum & baby care. We will lead you to a modern and fashionable lifestyle by using organic and eco products. They are beneficial to your health, to nature and to our next generation.

High quality, affordable price, smartness, stylishness and sustainability are the key factors that we choose in our products. This is because we care about you holistically.

In addition, we contribute to our community and safeguard the environment. Supporting fund will be donated organizations which are serving our society and preserving nature. Join us to live in a graceful way!


our philosophy

affordable luxury

There is a perception that organic or eco products are pricy and may keep you away from them. In light of this, we source worldwide for the best value yet affordable products to you. In the meantime, our lovely earth is also affordable to provide us the resources.


safe to use

No unwanted toxic elements are used in our product list. All organic products are certified by international associations. We strive to choose the best products for your health and to our environment.


sustainable to earth

Only sustainable products will be chosen so our next generation and animals can also live in a beautiful place.


stylish and appealing

Stereotype of organic and eco products to be boring and old-fashion may exist. Here, we define a new lifestyle of green and show your outer and inner beauty!


vegan friendly

Vegans usually choose their products carefully. So do us! Explore our plant based product list.


socially responsible

A portion of your purchase will be reserved for supporting organisations and activities that are creating a better living place. Thank you for giving a helping hand!